Manabe Anton - wood sculptor and engraver

Leslie Barnwell- watercolor, woven watercolor

Bebo- Bone art

Eric Beltz - human/ environment/ american history, strange and subtle drawings

Liana Turnbull Bennett - vivid innovative paintings, paintings of raw turquoise and gemstone

Sylvie Bernard - wearable sculpture (French language website)

Pedro Alberto Galindo Chagin - wood carving from Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Cody Chancellor

Dale Chihuly - wild glass

Sher Christopher - paper sculpture

Kate Clark - taxidermy, human faces...

Carlos Costa- African wildlife, graceful with a touch of love, in wood relief and pyrography

Guido Daniele - Handimals

Reg Davidson - Haida carver

Donna Dodson - wood sculpture theriomorphs, celebrating relationship between human beings and the animal kingdom

Valerie Egland- Master wood carver

Olafur Eliasson- light and shadows

Darlene Gait- Contemporary Coast Salish, West Coast Spirit, Canadian Wildlife

Ron Gang - oil paintings from Israel's Negev desert

Fernando A. Garcia

Keith Garrow - Abstract oil paintings

Susana Garza - Abstract canvas paintings

Chris Gideon - Blind faith art

Franz Graw- sculpture and painting

Mike Hasler - wood sculpture, working with the knots and grain of wood

Heather Hansen - fresco, environmental themes

Walter Harris - Sculptor in the Gitxsan native tradition

Chuck Heit, Ya'Ya - Sculptor in the Gitxsan native tradition

Paul and Carole Huel - Pottery

Janel Jacobson - netsuke, some unusual subjects

Brian Jungen - sculpture from everyday objects, Northwest Coast native masks from Nike shoes

Jenny Kendler - environmental artist, unexpected drawings

Peter Kiss - Wood and stuff, fun

Karina Lantzy - wild wood works and other stuff

Made Leno - Traditional and innovative Balinese wood carving

Jessica Levman - Mixed media, installation, performance - explores possibilities of bodily exerience and representation

Robert Lorenson - Large scale sculpture in stainless steel

Bruce MacEvoy - watercolor painting, inspired and informed use of medium

Giambattista Marcucci - drawings, damn strange little clay heads

Meshell Melvin - Luminous textile paintings

Arlene E. Ness - Sculptor in the Gitxsan native tradition

Ioan Popei - Romanian painter, abstract oils, icons, others

Rebecca Potts - Painting and sculptural painting, human interaction with land

Chris Pye - woodcarving

Christopher Reiger- concerned with contemporary man's mutable conception of Nature

Terrence Robbins - inspired leather work

Stefanie Rocknak - Figurative Wood Sculpture

Chris Rose - studies of athletes and other sculpture

Kurt Rostek - Toronto painter

David C. Roy Wood That Works - Kinetic sculptures

Nick Sarazan - Landscapes, surreal cityscapes, surreal imagery in watercolor and oil

Tristan Shane -Surreal sculpture, among other things

Gregg Simpson


Bogdan Soban - Generative art

Ted Speirs - Sensuous sculpture from driftwood

Jonathan Talbot - collage

Diana Lynn Thompson - environmental art

Sam Toft - innocent little drawings have a weird power

Arthur Umlauf - strong and graceful sculpture in wood and other media

Roy Vickers - First Nations themes with European realism

Ray Villafane - stuff and carved pumpkins

Katherine M Waters - Wildlife artist, contemporary figurative modeller, innovator in sculptural technique

Robbin Wenzoski- Synaptic twist sculpture in wood


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