Ghost in the Library ...

Dayton Ohio, where I was a child, had a marvelous old stone castle of a library - which they have torn down. My joy, when I was not up a tree, was to sneak around in the stacks where I was not supposed to be. I thought they didn't see me.... Now, I like to imagine that the librarians did notice, smiled and "See that little kid sneaking up there.... she is not playing hide- and-seek or smoking cigarettes.... she is going into the grownup section to READ BOOKS!"

The carving: It is not that the ball can't get out, it is that it got in. I saw that trick in the middle of a previous century, in a magazine at school that I was not supposed to read... Boys Life.

The applied piece, formed from pressure wood at the base of a leaning birch, is ocean, vast and strange, and infested with mer-tomboys.

A footprint, somewhat bonobo.

There is a spaceship in there somewhere.

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