New Directions: Links to Innovative Art

...Caril Chasens

I have been searching, looking for new movements, new ideas, innovation, new directions and developments, new avant-garde, in the visual arts for the 21th century.

Particularly, I would like to connect with artists who are moving in my direction.

Me, I carve sculpture, using the unique nature of wood, and I would like to be part of a movement toward a green new art, an art that doesn't give up in this new millennium.

In my search, I have felt the need for a links page, for this and other innovative directions people may be taking.

If you can suggest a link that might interest people who hit this page, please use the contact link at the bottom of this page.


21th Century indigenous art

Bill's aboriginal links, arts

Roy Vickers

Brian Jungen - sculpture from everyday objects, Northwest Coast native masks from Nike shoes. Also,

21st Century Wood

Sculpture in Wood, Caril Chasens- this is my website... you might have just come from it.

Green New Art- a short statement on the above website

Manabe Anton-wood does dance

Donna Dodson - wood sculpture theriomorphs, celebrating relationship between human beings and the animal kingdom

Wood Is Art

Woodforms- carved wooden terrains created from digital data.... and more

Holly Lane - a unique use of traditional woodworking and painting


ASCII art, Andreas Freise- ASCII, pronounced ask-ee (ass key) is a code for representing keyboard characters. Ascii artists use these characters to draw with...)(*


New Art- vvoi

Art For a Change- Mark Vallen

Growabrain- fucked idiosyncratic links..Beastly links... - ...Unusual art and artists- Try this thought experiment: put laptop (on growabrain) on gallery floor, hang gauze.....

Hungry Hyaena- art, conservation, ecology, philosophy

Wood Is Art

Wunderkammer - a journal of environmental art

Chaos in Art

Chaos and Art- Jessie Gietl

Cultural recycling - They encourage people to pick up pieces of our popular culture and reuse them.


http://www. - they say they are interested in the interesting

Digital art

The National Institute For the Arts - an online installation by Vera Frenkel

Cellular Automata Art Links

Digital Art Source - They say they are a resource for students and professionals

Fractals, links

Bogdan Soban - Generative art

The infinite fractal loop - a webring

Environmental Art

Diana Lynn Thompson

Green Museum - online museum of environmental art


Russell Maier - he paints, then burns the paintings, photographs the burning, to create digital works

Outsider art

Outsider art, links

Political art


Holographic Art... - links

Kinetic Sculpture

Theo Jansen's strandbeests and the BBC Strandbeest video

Techno-impressionism- they claim to be the last art movement of the20th century


Now and then - defences of traditional forms, as energy that is happening right now

Statement by Israeli painter Ron Gang


Slow Art

Slow Art Work


Laura Splan - pretty doilies in the shape of deadly viruses and other disturbing stuff

Genetic artist Joe Davis - This guy says he embeds art in bacterial DNA......

Street Art


Julian Beever - pavement drawings

Edgar Mueller

Street Art - photography, Bob Edelson



Adbusters - They call themselves culture jammers.


Illegal Art - They are interested in art and ideas on the legal fringes of intellectual property.

Sonism - Laurence Blackwell - Visual representation of sound

Leslie Barnwell- woven watercolor

Dale Chihuly,Wild glass - If painting is light, then this is three dimensional painting.

Kate Clark - taxidermy, human faces...

Wim Delvoye- diverse damn things and other shit

Peter Donnelly, Sand Dancer - Giant paintings in the sand below the high tide line, uncanny precision and grace.

Gunther von Hagen- Anatomical display of plastinated human bodies. He claims to use only bodies from voluntary donors, but ethical questions have been raised. See,2763,813323,00.h t ml

Art from lucid dreams, Epic Dewfall

Brian Jungen - sculpture from everyday objects, Northwest Coast native masks from Nike shoes. Also,

Evan Penny - exploring the monstrous human

Ungraven Image- paintings by Judy Rey Wasserman use Hebrew letters for every stroke. She speaks of art at an intersection of religion and physics...

Patricia Piccinini - Damn things... interested in ideas, particularly ideas that have direct relevance to contemporary life.

Remodernist Painters - defined by the artists' intentions...

Surreal and Visionary Art Forum


Art and woodcarving links

Sculpture in Wood, Caril Chasens